And so it begins…

10 months, 18 days, 17 hours, 41 minutes, 30 seconds until the London Marathon.

Okay, so here it goes. I have a place in the London Marathon and two targets. To run it as fast as I possibly can and to raise £2012 for Anthony Nolan. Both of these challenges seem fairly daunting at the moment.

I started running in earnest back in January when I was training for the Edinburgh Half Marathon. I trained pretty hard for it, and managed to complete it a little off my target time, but still in a respectable 1:42:06. However since April training has rather tapered off with the demands of University. But now I’m back at home with the London Marathon as a target to spur me on, I’m getting back on it.

The first few training runs have meant a few niggles, the right knee, minor calf pain, but gradually these are easing away. Once I’ve got back to my pre-Edinburgh Half fitness I can start building up with some longer runs. Before London I do have the Loch Ness Marathon in October. This will hopefully give me some indication of how things are going leading up to London- and I’ll hope to get a pretty good time there too!

I raised a bit of money for Anthony Nolan with the Edinburgh Half, but my fundraising target for London is obviously a lot bigger! So if you want to help out straight-away donate here. I’m going to get on this week and draft up some e-mails for my parents to send round their e-mail contact lists.

First thing first though – I’ve been invited to run in a ‘pilot’ monthly 5K run that North Herts Roadrunners are trying to organise, at 9:00AM tomorrow morning. 5K is about 3 miles, and my shortest training run is normally a 4 mile run, so I dipped a 5K into this weeks training to get an idea of pacing and where I’m at fitness-wise. I had thought I’d try to win, but after seeing my pace and some of the times their runners could do, I’ve adjusted my targets. I’m going to put myself on the shoulder of the leading lady, and then try and stretch her towards the end!

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