GNR place, and much more training!

9 months, 1 day, 19 hours, 10 mins, 31 seconds until the London Marathon.

So I’ve got a place for the Great North Run! Kudos to the power of Facebook, by simply liking Bupa running I got an update to say there were leftover places available if I commented on the link, and I snaffled one up! This is quite exciting news, as it is arguably the biggest and best Half Marathon in the world. It’s also two weeks before the Loch Ness Marathon, so it will be a good chance to see where I’m at. I’m fairly confident from the way training has gone recently that I’ll be knocking a large amount of time off my Half PB of 1:42:06.

At the beginning of the month I again took part in the NHRR first saturday of the month 5K. This race went much better – a finishing time of 22:37 rather than 23:19 may only suggest a slight improvement, but I raced much better with a far steadier start. Instead of going off with those that I now knew would drop me, I went off at a steady pace.

I went off in 9th, where I would stay for most of the race. I traded places with no. 2 occasionally around the first lap.

Coming around to the start of the 2nd lap I was in 8th, although both runners were about to take me into the start of the lap. The one immediately behind had run a slow first lap, and the other is no. 2 who I had been trading with.

And then I bought it home in a very comfortable 10th with a cheeky finish.

On the 14th I also took part in the last Midweek League race, finishing the 9K distance in about 40:50 in 110th. A 9K PB that I think may stand for some time…

Training continues to go well, and I am regularly breaking route records without trying to, albeit by tiny increments. I am trying to increase the amount I run to a regular 40 miles a week to really see some improvement. This has meant the addition to training of a 11.5 mile route, the amalgam of my 7ish mile route and my 4ish mile route. Again, without trying, I am running this route to my Half Marathon PB pace, and this on a route which is much hillier!

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