A few lessons…

7 months, 13 days, 13 hours, 14 mins, 40 seconds until the London Marathon.

Again it was the FSOTM 5K- and continued improvement and good runs couldn’t last. Admittedly the field was a lot quicker which made me more dispirited than I should have been with my time (21:42) which wasn’t bad. However I feel I learnt a few things that should be lessons for all races.

1. Sleep well. I didn’t sleep particularly well that night – devastating, as it’s nine o’clock start. My girlfriend also decided to ring me (whilst drunk) at 2:40 am. I wasn’t impressed. I thus felt tired and sluggish – and snoozed my alarm several times.

2. Eat well and early. So I wasn’t awake as soon as I should be, and so I was eating late. Cereal, jammy toast and a banana probably wasn’t the best fuel. I had banana burps for most of the race. Something tells me it hadn’t quite got to the area of my tummy where it starts giving me running go.

3. Arrive well on time. Leading on from these things I wasn’t at the race as early as I normally am. I cycle up to Letchworth for the race, a 20 min or so ride, but realised I was going to have to give it the beans, got to registration to get my number, and then had to run to the start line, getting there a few seconds before the race started. Not ideal.

Anyway, training is almost finished before the great north run. Tonights seven miler was absolute agony – my calves felt very stiff from the get go, and I think as a consequence of this I was sweating buckets. Need to ease them out with a few more runs before rest begins.

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