MCR Marathon Blog W19/20: the final countdown

So yes this blog is pretty late, normally posting on Sundays at the end of the week. It is now the final countdown to the Manchester marathon on Sunday 18th April.

My goal? Yet again to try and run under three hours. Going into Milton Keynes last year it was more of a hopeful attempt than a serious effort with a few niggling injuries and soreness in the run up to the event. This year I am a lot more confident – probably a 70% chance, with strong PBs at the Huddersfield 10K and the Liversedge Half Marathon.

Based on performances in recent races, some of my friends at Hyde Park Harriers have suggested that I try and go for a more ambitious time, to try and go under 2h50m. But as I dicussed in my blog about the perils of overconfidence, my desire to go under three hours is such a big goal I want to run (relatively) conservatively to make sure I don’t blow up. So the race strategy is a flat 6:50 a mile, which would get me in under three hours. If I’m able to put down the hammer from mile twenty three that would be a bonus, and if I bring my PB of 3h07m33s down below 3h05m I think that would bring me a good for age for London 2016.

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For the past few weeks I felt as though I just wanted to get going – I’ve been fairly confident in my form and want to put it into practice. Writing today on Thursday I’m beginning to get a few last minute nerves – to shake off some last minute nerves I ran my last Sunday run of 10 miles at 6:40 pace, and then on Tuesday went out and ran a 5K faster than my PB at 5:40 pace. I find the taper is always difficult as you get the most confidence in your form from long runs and from running very hard in target preparation races – and long and hard runs are the two things you shouldn’t do in training.

So I’m probably going to spend tonight looking back over my race performances in the last few months and my long runs on Strava. Then I just want to get going, get in a groove, chew up the miles and hopefully be at twenty three miles on 6:50 pace with power to add.

Philip Goose

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