MCR 13.1 Blog W7/20: Too ill to run

When I put in place a training plan, I very rarely miss a session of it. This is in part stubborn bloody mindedness, but also partly because I have confidence in the process that I have laid out for myself to deliver the results that I want.

So it was really tough for me heading into this week to make the decision to miss a few days of training. I was starting to come down with a little bit of a sore throat at the end of last week, and come Sunday I was properly blocked up, and worse still the cough had spread onto my chest. Once an illness is on the chest, that’s generally the sign you need to stop training.

I’ve run through some illnesses before – I’ve had terrible streaming colds that have meant stopping every now and again on the run to clear my nose, but as soon as it was a chesty cough my logical mind was shouting at me to stop running. The last thing I wanted to do was to irritate already sore lungs.

Ebola Outbreak

Getting ill could just be one of those things – or it could be to do with high intensity, volume and levels of rest affecting my immune system. Hopefully a full week (ish – I hope to be well enough to run again at the weekend) will give me the respite I need to be recharge, and maybe actually feel a little fresher and faster.

Philip Goose


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