About me

I’m Philip Goose, a 27 year old alumnus of the University of St Andrews working in alumni relations and development. I’m also a runner with a passion for the marathon distance, with a marathon PB of 2:44:04

I run with Hyde Park Harriers based in Leeds, and cycle with Alba Rosa Cycling Club.

I only started running properly in 2011, and in that year I ran my first half in 1:42:06 and my first marathon in 3:54:44. Since then running, and more recently cycling, have become a huge part of my life and I’ve been getting faster and faster every year…

My current goal is to get my marathon PB down even further and achieve a championship qualifying time to go off just behind the elite start at the London Marathon – that will require a sub 2:45 marathon or a sub 1:15 half.
Update: done! Time to set a new target…

You can also follow my runs and rides on my Strava profile, updates about running and a host of other things on Twitter @PhilipGoose and on Instagram at instagram.com/philipgoose.

You can also see all of my results over on my Power of 10 profile.

If you want to contact me you can email goose.philip@gmail.com.

My blog cover photo was designed by the brilliant Nicola Rowlands – you can find out all about what she does on her website.

If I reviewing products on my blog, if not stated I have bought them myself, and if I have been given them to review I will mention whether I kept or returned them. If I’ve been given something to review I will still always be honest in my reviews, and I will never claim to be more knowledgable about running or cycling than I am!

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