RACE REPORT: Manchester Marathon 2019

As a runner whose main ambition is the marathon, I really only have one chance to perform each year – and last year did not go well. After a series of increasingly strong performances (2:53 in 2015, 2:46 in 2016, 2:44 in 2017), I hit the Championship Start at the London Marathon, and it all went wrong. An attempt at going under 2:40 on a warm day with blue skies, when I possibly wasn’t as fit as I thought I was, left me in a world of pain less than half way in and a performance I was far from happy with.

This year I felt much more confident going in for two reasons. My form was exactly where I wanted it to be. After only going sub seventeen for the 5K for the first time last year immediately before the marathon, I’d run under the mark three times in a month this year. I’d lowered my 10K PB and gone under 34 minutes for the first time. I’d run a strong half marathon on the tough Liversedge course. My training and long runs had gone well, and a week prior to race day I went out and ran 10 miles at 6:03 – under race pace (6 minutes and 6 seconds would be exactly sub 2:40 and no more) and it felt easy. Secondly – the weather report in the run up was for cold temperatures and an overcast day. Bliss. Continue reading

MCR 13.1 Blog W17/20: Track Ks and chill

A quick update this week – mainly as it’s late and I forgot to write anything last weekend. After my disappointment at the mile, this training block had started to drift a little bit. With illness and injury disrupting training and leading me to reassess my targets down, my motivation had started to drift. From relaxing and deciding to enjoy these final races, I was in danger of losing all motivation, feeling I could skip runs on the plan if I felt like it. In fact, after trying to pace a friend to an 18 minute 5K PB at Parkrun, I didn’t run for the rest of the weekend.

Doing the worthy job of pacing – bathed in a holy glow.

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