Current running shoes

I normally have a few different running shoes on the go at any one time – some because I use them for different things, some because I am wearing a new pair in before the old pair wear out. Some of these I come back to and buy again and again.

Mizuno Wave Hitogami 2 – size 10.5
Roughly 100 miles as of February 2016


I bought these to be a main road running shoe. I chose them for a few reasons – I’ve had good experiences of Mizuno shoes in the past, they are quite minimal and have a small heel to toe drop, and they are bright orange. I’m still wearing these in so I’ll come back and update this later once I have a fuller impression. At the moment I’m enjoying them, but they are taking a bit of used to as it’s been a while since I’ve run in anything with this level of support.

Brooks London Ghost 7 – size 11
Roughly 850 miles as of February 2016


Bless them. They’re a bit battered now, but I’ve enjoyed this shoe. I won these through a competition Brooks ran through the Twitter account of The Running Bug website. I personally wouldn’t have gone for these myself, as I would have been put off by the styling and level of support. That said I’ve really enjoyed this shoe, they’ve been comfortable, I haven’t felt that I’ve had or been at risk of any issues because of them, and they’ve allowed me to get in some good mileage over winter 15/16. I’m not sure I’d come back for this shoe specifically, but I definitely trust Brooks to have something good in their range.

Adidas Ultra Boost – size 11
Roughly 150 miles as of February 2016


Again I got these for free as part of pacing the London Marathon for Runner’s World in 2015. These have become my go to track and race shoe. They are generally very good, although the black rubbery base does seem to wear down quite quickly – as such I haven’t used them for day in, day out training. Also they are towards the upper price range as far as a shoe goes, which considering you will probably get less miles out of them then some other shoes isn’t that great. That said, if someone turned around and gave me another pair I’d go out for a run in them right now.

Asics Gel-Fuji Attack
Roughly 50 miles as of February 2016


I bought these shoes using winnings from my performance at the Huddersfield 10K in February 2015. I am mainly a road runner, though I sometimes get out onto the fell and trail for events such as the Calderdale Way Relay and the Peco cross country series over the winter around Leeds. These have treated me fairly well, although on some of the muddier races I’ve felt that I needed more grip and a more pronounced tread or spikes. But doesn’t every cross country runner want more grip?