One week (ish) out from London…

Week 19/20 of the London Marathon training block

I’m now one week away from the start line of the London Marathon, and I’m at a bit of a crossroads. All of the work in the training block has been done, but I still don’t quite know what to do. I’m not really sure quite what to try and achieve on race day.

In my last review of the first sixteen weeks of my training block, I’d mentioned my clubmate Tom who had the potential to go and break my two forty-four club record at Manchester. Despite having a cracking run with two forty-six, the record is safe for now. So what do I do now?

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The London Training – “When I left you I was but the learner. Now I am the master.”

Recapping 16 weeks of training for the 2018 London Marathon…

So at the end of week sixteen of this training block, I’m now only four weeks away from race day. I usually aim to blog each week of the block to track the highs and the lows, but with one thing and another I haven’t done this, so this week I’m going to recap all of my training over the past few months, and where I feel I am going into the final run in.

The training job is basically done now. My next training week is scheduled to be 66 miles, and then the taper starts properly over the final three weeks running up to race day.

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Dewsbury 10K & Liversedge Half 2018 race reports

So although I haven’t posted on the blog for a while, I’m going to kick things off again by catching up on a few race reports. So let’s get cracking with how things went at the Dewsbury 10K two weeks ago.

The Dewsbury 10K
The last 10K that I’d raced was not the best race of my life. After getting injured in the run up to the Leeds Abbey Dash, my running life was pretty grim. Unused to how weak I was, I’d gone off at tough pace that I thought would be manageable, and then ended up struggling and running really hard to finish in a time that I was really disappointed with. It was grim.

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