Five stages of a running injury, and what I learned.

In my running year it is typical for me to struggle in the latter half of the year. This is often the autumn of my discontent. For some reason my spring training blocks are always smooth, but it is attempts at autumn goals that are littered with illness and injury. This year I chose to to target a 10K, the Leeds Abbey Dash, to put less pressure on myself. I would be working towards an event that hurts less (or hurts for less time), and is also a distance that I personally consider to have less prestige within my running achievements.

That said, I still went in with the same attitude and approach to training – the same workload, the same intensity, the same volume. So it’s no surprise that this post is all about the injury that happened, how I dealt with it, and what I learned.

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Training update and 2017 goals #2: The Dash

Abbey Dash 2017 training blog week 9/20

Back at the end of 2016 I set my first goal for 2017 – to run under 2:45 at the Manchester Marathon – and keen readers will know that I went and did just that with a 2:44:04.

I haven’t written up my plans for goal number two of the year, taking on the Abbey Dash, but I’ve been building up to this now for the past nine weeks – almost half way through the training block. I’ve written before about how this block started slowly (I mean really slowly, I wrote a second blog piece about it), but things have started to pick up recently.

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RACE REPORT: Firefighters 5 2017

Abbey Dash 2017 training blog week 8/20

I didn’t need to finish this race to know things were going well. I was only two miles into the five miles of the Firefighters 5 (previously the West Yorkshire 5) to know that my day’s work was done. Last year I came into this race slightly undercooked having been ill in the run up and off training, but with some decent leftover form, and ran a respectable 29:46 for 6th round the hilly five miles around Birkenshaw.

Although I’ve been starting to come back into a little bit of form, it’s been a slow start to this training block. This was going to be a test of where my level is at the moment, and how on track I am for the Abbey Dash at the start of November.

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