MCR 26.2 Blog W8/20: Are you sleeping comfortably?

Two things have inspired me to write today’s blog. The first of those is a two, and it comes from reading ‘Two Hours’ by Ed Caesar. When considering those engaged in the pursuit of ever faster marathon times, Ed looks not just at never-before accomplished feats like the two hour marathon, but also the attempt to be the first to successfully summit Everest – the ‘great white fang, excrescent from the jaw of the world’ as Mallory described it.

Hillary, Hunt and Norgay contemplating said excrescent fang

In chapter two Ed describes the attitude that those athletes and explorers looking to break new ground require:

“To reach the summit, the pioneer knows that he must endure more, live braver, plan better than his forebears – and that all these qualities will likely be insufficient.”

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